August 13, 2020

Nigerian Governor Yahaya Bello said Covid-19 is a “Scam”

Governor Yahaya Bello the Kogi State Governor said on Tuesday that, fear of Corona Virus kills faster than the virus itself.

According to him, the virus that killed 510,909 people worldwide as of Tuesday was a “imported” disease that forced people to shorten their lives.

                                            Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello disagreed with the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) regarding the death of the state’s Chief Justice, Judge Nasiru Ajana.

Ajana died on Sunday in the COVID-19 Isolation Center in Gwagwalada.

He was buried, which was done at Godu Cemetery, in Abuja.

Bello accused the NCDC of inventing numbers that were not valid and did not originate from the country.

He spoke at the third day prayers of the late chief justice on Tuesday, and urged people not to give in to fear.

He described COVID-19 as something worse than banditry, mutiny and genocide combined, adding that it was artificial, but unfortunately it was sold to Nigerians.

He said that the judge, Ajana, died naturally, and urged people not to attribute his death to anything else, because “certain people allude to him for political and harmful purposes.”

The Governor said: “Do not give in to fear and evil from the problems of COVID-19. It is a disease that has been imported, spread and forced on people without just cause.

“Nothing kills faster than fear. I urge everyone not to agree to cut and paste like COVID-19.

“It is only about creating fear, panic and the epidemic, in order to reduce and shorten people’s lives.

“Whether or not medical experts and scientists believe it, COVID-19 aims to shorten people’s life expectancy. It is a disease that spreads by force for Nigerians to accept.”