Pot Of Soup 4

Soon she had Abdallah. The arrival of this baby made their love and intimacy blossom higher. Her parents-in-law and all her husband's relatives adored her so much. Zubaida was equally good to them, in fact she took care of them more than Danjuma did. The story in her parents' house was still the same only that no one could humiliate her mother and grandmother openly anymore. Zubaida could not ask for a happier life. She constantly thanked and beseeched Allah to leave things the way they were.

Abdallah was two when she got pregnant again, the same time her younger sister, Hauwa got married. Abubakar, her elder brother, resident in London was married too. She and her husband were building their house with the money from their joint account. Just when she was about to put to bed, her grandmother Rahmah died. It was a sad moment for her. The baby was named Rahmah. Few days after Rahmas birth, they packed into their dream house. They were still sharing everything together. When it was time for their annual leave which usually came at the same period, they travelled abroad.

People often recalled Zubaida's background. They always talked about how her mother bewitched her father, making him prefer her to the other women. They remembered her late grandmother as a heartless witch who killed all her children and husband except Zubaida's mother who was spared only to carry on with the family's tradition of witchcraft. They drummed it that the love Danjuma had for Zubaida was not ordinary. They felt his mother needed to save him. She started telling him to watch his wife closely. He was shocked as they discussed with his mother. He tried to convince her and his sisters who had joined the Operation Save Our Brother fight. But the more he tried, the more it seemed to them that he was really under his wife's spell. At the end of the day his mother passed a verdict that he must take another wife. In his confusion, he admitted to them that he had already promised his wife never to marry another woman with her. This caused a shouting match with his mother, that she concluded,  you must marry three more women if really it was my breasts that you suckled. 

Danjuma ran to his father for help, even stating that nobody forced him to take another wife, but why was his mother trying to compel him to do it. Why was she trying to destroy the happiness that took him so long to build? Before his father could respond, his mother's voice had come from behind, "your father was not as rich as you are now. He could not afford a second wife, that's why he never did."

"Mama I am sorry, but you need to know that this wealth you all are talking about only exist in your imagination. I and my wife work hard and pull our resources together to provide for ourselves and for you people."

"Nonsense. I know everything and dont play smart with me. And my word on this matter is final!" She stormed out of the room. Danjuma looked at his father helplessly. After a while, the old man begged his son to be patient that he would talk to his wife. "You know your mother is stubborn and believes she is always right. When your sisters were bringing stories to her, I warned her against listening to them but she wouldnt listen."

"I know Mama very well, but I thought all what Zubaida was doing to please them was sufficient."

"Now go and pray, hopefully, you will find a way out. May Allah see you through."

"Amin Baba. Thank you." Danjuma said and left.

  1. He met Zubaida waiting for him to come eat with her. Abdullah and Rahmah were already fast asleep. She got up and hugged him passionately, yet he only held her feebly and avoided her eyes. This was not his usual response which entailed tightly pressing her to his chest and giving her a full kiss before lifting her from the ground and placing her gently on a chair. She never got tired of this and loved her husband for it and other of his romantic gestures.

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