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Raccoons the most omnivorous creature

The raccoon is a medium sized mammal and native to North American a body weight 3 to 9 kgs in a greyish coat consisting of thick fur which helps them to protect themselves from cold weather and having sharp front paws. They are simply called as coons and are very intelligent and can find solutions for their problems and they can remember those for a maximum of three years originally their habitats are in forests and they used to be in both deciduous and mixed forests and according to their adaptability issues they changed their habitats from forests to coastal marshes and urban areas. So raccoons became distributed all over the European countries and Japan .They used to be engaged in gender specific behavior where females share the same area but the males live together upto four animals and they used to protect females when they are about to mate.  The raccoons used to be around 20 years old and usually the common causes of death are hunting and injuries by vehicles.

Raccoon’s diets and habits

They used to search for their food resources at day time, they have a diet consisting of several different foods and is considered to be the best among the world’s omnivorous animals. They depend on the climate to  follow their diets, in spring and early summer they used to have insects, worms and other animals and fruits and nuts in the late summer and autumn . They used to have eggs, birds, fishes and mammals according to what they could catch. They need to store more fat as the winter will be covered by snow and searching for food is difficult.

What do raccoons eat? Raccoons also used to eat frogs, insects and several fruits; they used to take their refugees usually within the underground pits or by hollowing the trees. They can’t stand winter and all they used to catch their prey in winter and spring season. They used to clean their food and prey using water before they had to eat.

How to trap the creature?

Their population is becoming a threat that they can cause problems to families and people used to take several measures to avoid raccoons from their houses immediately. Their reproduction is usually between the Jan and march as because the daylight will be adequate during this season and can be also helped in the geographical location of raccoons They can invade your electrical fences garden .so the families used to care about checking the pet’s food availability outside the home which will be attracted by the raccoons. People used to put electric cables above the trees. So the people used to trap the raccoons by creating trails by putting food with the flavor of fish and trails are baited to catch them during night. But raccoons are very intelligent as they know so many ways and can remember the remedial solutions and once they learned they used to remember the solution for several months. So we have to study them before we take steps to get rid of raccoon’s issue .And by using some of these ways they can get rid of these omnivores permanently.

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