August 13, 2020

Read about this Sex Law before travel to any of this country

Read about this Sex Law before travel to any of this country

Have you ever know of a law prohibiting people from playing chess during sex. Another law prohibits gynaecologists from looking at a woman’s sexual organ. Discover these and other bizarre and curious sex laws around the world in the following topics.


Afghanistan – Women in this Central Asian country are required to walk fully covered, preferably in a kind of dress called burqa, with a single-window with a screen at eye level so they can see. They cannot breastfeed in public, wear makeup or keep their hair short.


Saudi Arabia – Saudi men, can officially have four wives, as long as they can support them all. Women can only walk on the streets with a family member or another woman. Public displays of affection are strictly prohibited.


Bahrain – Gynecologists in that country in Arabia are prohibited from looking at patients’ sexual organs.


Colombia – The city of Cali, has created a law that authorizes the bride’s mother to accompany the couple’s nuptials to certify that the daughter married a virgin.


United Arab Emirates – Couples are not allowed to show affection in public in the Emirate of Dubai. Kisses, then, can lead to jail or expulsion from the country.


Spain – Having sex on the beach can result in a fine of 75,000 euros for the couple.


United States – Laws vary from state to state. In the states of Florida, Louisiana, Virginia and North Carolina, oral sex is considered illegal. The most bizarre law was enacted in Nevada and prohibits people from appearing in penis costumes in the courts.


Estonia – One of the strangest laws in the world regarding sex was created in this eastern European country. It prohibits games like chess during sex.


France – Although in disuse, there is a law in France that prohibits couples from exchanging kisses on trains.


Guam – According to a law in that small country, virgin women cannot marry. There are men who travel across the country just to deflower them.


Netherlands – Prostitution is legalized in that country. Prostitutes and prostitute owners, however, must pay taxes. In addition, there are a number of restrictions, such as a ban on activity for children under 18. In Amsterdam, prostitutes show themselves in shop windows, as if they were products for sale.


Hong Kong – Betrayed women can kill their husbands, as long as it is only with their hands. Detail: the husband’s lover can be killed by the stab, shot, bomb etc.


Hungary – In Budapest, the capital of this small country in central Europe, the law only allows sex in the dark.


Indonesia – Kissing in public is prohibited. Masturbation is also prohibited and provides for the death penalty.


Iran – Like me in many Muslim countries, adulterers can be stoned in public. Walking hand in hand, pecking and hugging can pose serious problems for couples.


Israel – Orthodox Jewish women, cannot display their bodies to their husbands, even during sexual intercourse. Nor can they part ways without their husband’s permission.


Lebanon – There is a law in this small Middle Eastern country that authorizes men to have sex with any type of animal… as long as they are not females!


Malaysia – Under the pretext that they can attract the attention of men, beautiful women cannot be hired for public service.


Poland – People can be sentenced to death if they have sex with an animal three times.


United Kingdom – It is prohibited to develop spicy photos without first sending a report on the content to the laboratory. On Sark Island, men are allowed by law to beat their wives.


Russia – Advertisements for gay events are strictly prohibited by law. Gay stops are practically non-existent in cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow because they can chain participants. There is a law in the city of Novosibirsk that states that erotic magazines can only be sold in pharmacies and with a prescription.


Somalia – As in many Muslim countries, affection in public is prohibited (even going hand in hand). Women cannot bare their heads. Wearing pants by women can yield some lashes.


Sweden – Prostitution is permitted in this northern European country, but hiring the services of a prostitute is strictly prohibited.


Singapore – There is a law in Singapore that prohibits the citizens of this small city-state from walking around naked inside the home. Already wearing underwear can yield three months in prison for the “offender”.


Uganda – Recently, a politician tried to create a law that provided for the death penalty for homosexuals. To make matters worse for gays and lesbians, a newspaper even published a cover story with the names of alleged homosexuals asking for their death.