August 10, 2020

Read How 9-year-old Child Graduates From University and Prepares For a Doctorate Degree

Read How 9-year-old Child Graduates From University and Prepares For a Doctorate Degree

Hundreds and possibly thousands of people around the world are seeking masters and doctorate degrees, and many of those who achieve these degrees are adults and are old enough to absorb the tremendous amount of information these degrees need, but the Belgian child Laurent, who is only 9 years old,  He is preparing to graduate from the University of Eindhoven Laurent is a 9-year-old Belgian child whose professors and university staff describe him as simply “unnatural”. He was given an exam after an exam in an attempt to find out the extent of his talent, but he was described as a “sponge” as an expression of his tremendous ability to absorb information, without obtaining  Any explanation as to why this child is able to learn so quickly. The Belgian child is preparing for a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Eindhoven after he succeeded in obtaining a high school diploma only a year ago.

It is noteworthy that Laurent, who is currently preparing for exams at home, was having difficulties playing with other children, as he did not care about games like the rest of the children, and the miracle child was thinking about becoming a surgeon or an astronaut, but he changed his mind to decide to enter the world of informatics  And the computer.

His plans to enrol and obtain a doctorate in electrical engineering in addition to progressing to a medical degree. His mother had another theory, as she jokingly said, I was eating a lot of fish during my pregnancy as Laurent.

The Eindhoven University of Technology allowed Loran to study the course faster than other students. The university director, Sauerd Hulshof said that Laurent was simply an unusual child.  He is the fastest student to receive information passed to the university.