September 18, 2020

Read the reason why the World war III will happen in 2020

Lately, some people often say that “the third world war will happen in 2020. Recently, it is often repeated by some that “the third world war will happen in 2020 or at most in 2021 between the United States and China”, and the owners of this suit justify the level of economic growth of the two countries and the big difference between them as if it happened suddenly, or as if it was the cause of the previous two world wars. If all two countries had antagonism and a big difference in the rate of economic growth, war would have occurred between them, and the world would never wake up without war.

First: Does anyone who repeat this sentence know the meaning of the term “world war”? Is it between two countries only? “World War” simply means “a war involving many large countries around the world. It is usually called the first and second world wars during the first half of the last century, although only the second was truly global.” Imagine that the First World War in which many countries participated for a period of four years, some experts do not consider it to be a real world war, let alone two countries, even if they were the two most powerful countries in the world.

Second: Do those who repeat it know what it means to wage war between two nuclear states, what will the outcome be? Did the United States and China forget the impact of the two nuclear bombs that the United States dropped in 1945 on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Third: If a war breaks out between the United States and China, the countries of the world will be divided, as they did in the First and Second World War, and they will destroy each other? There is a question that I usually ask in my international lectures, “Is there a victorious state of war between the United States and China? The answer is the third global competitor,” Russia. “That is, other nuclear states, led by Russia, will not participate as easily as astrologers expect. Not to mention that the NATO protocol provides for non-interference Military except in the event that a state of its members comes under external attack, and that China will not initiate war, as it avoids any military intervention outside its territory with a focus on its economic power. And while European countries have security allies of the United States in NATO, they are also economic competitors to it.

The world’s major countries learned the lesson from two wars that eliminated their peoples and their economies, and if the “armed conflict” is taking place today between proxies, and the “struggle” for gains is taking place between countries that do not have the capabilities to impose political will, then “competition” and “cold war” are The means of the superpowers that possess the elements of real power and know well how to use them, and there is an ongoing competition between the two most powerful countries in the world and does not need to descend into armed conflict.

Finally, there is no objection to any opinion.

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