September 18, 2020

Read the reasons – Why they Closed White House?

Read the reasons – Why they Closed White House?

The United States Secret Service released a decision Friday, to close the White House due to protests outside the gates, over the killing of George Floyd, an African American.

And American media said that as the protesters reached Pennsylvania Street – Lafayette Park, the White House was closed, as well as the press conference hall and the journalists’ offices. She added that Secret Service officers did not allow anyone to leave the White House.

The killing of George Floyd sparked widespread anger in several places in the United States, where violent demonstrations and protests took place following the circulation of the video, and clashes erupted between the police and protesters, and many cars and installations were burned.

It is noteworthy that the African American citizen died in hospital after being arrested by the police in a cruel manner in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and social media posted videos of the accident.

CNN contacted the Secret Service for comment. Earlier Friday, the Minnesota State Department of Public Safety Commissioner announced the arrest and detention of the policeman responsible for the murder of George Floyd.