Read the story of the man who was arrested for having a beard

Read the story of the man who was arrested for having a beard


Nowadays, the beard is a big trend. Some say that this is, in fact, the man's makeup . It is increasingly common to find people who prefer to have sex with men who have a full and well-groomed beard. However, it was not always like this. For part of the story, it was totally out of fashion . In fact, at certain times, the men who had facial hair were determined lunatics, heretics and totally unhygienic. However, a case in England in the 16th century, during the reign of King Henry VIII, caught the attention and, today, still shocks. 

  In that period a law was passed saying that all men were strictly prohibited from using a beard. This law was for everyone except the king, some close friends and leaders of the Protestant Reformation. These could continue to cultivate. For the king, it was an immense pleasure to enjoy his beard while the others needed to pay taxes to have facial hair. This law did not last long. Because of her, the beard was seen as a trait disliked by many. It even resulted in the arrest of a man many years later in the United States.


In the mid-1830s, a veteran of the war in No Town, a small American town in Massachusetts, lived on his land, quietly. However, he is remembered as the man who was arrested for defending the right to choose to be different. Joseph Palmer was his name and he was arrested just for having a beard. Check with us for more details.


Joseph Palmer and his beard


After battling the Anglo-American War of 1812, Joseph decided to isolate himself from society. All I wanted to do was live a calm and peaceful life as a farmer. Palmer sported a big beard, being influenced by an itinerant preacher he met as a child. However, beards were very unconventional at the time, so he started to be considered clumsy and quite eccentric. Joseph was constantly ridiculed for his appearance, but he didn't want to change.


He insisted on having a beard. When the local pastor asked him to shave, because he looked like the "devil", he answered boldly: "If I remember correctly, Jesus wore a beard not unlike mine". Five years later, some people were dissatisfied with his bearded face and decided to attack him. The aim was to shave his beard to "cleanse his soul". Palmer managed to get rid of the attacks and stabbed two of the attackers in the thigh. However, this would cause even greater problems.


Although he only defended himself against the attacks, Palmer was a "minority" in his city. Therefore, a turnaround caused by false testimonies meant that he was tried and ordered to pay compensation to the stabbed ones. He would either do that, or spend a year and a half in Worcester Country jail. Palmer considered himself innocent and refused to pay the compensation. In this way, he was arrested.

Palmer prison


After being arrested, the man began to write an elaborate diary about his life in prison. He was seen as a lunatic bum in the outside world and treated the same way in prison. In his chair, all his social criteria were frowned upon by sadistic jailers. These tried everything to denigrate their not very orthodox habits. Several times he was beaten almost to death, in addition to being in solitary confinement. Still, he stood his ground.

He did maintain his ideals even during times when other prisoners shot and tried to shave his beard. Given that, Palmer made his rivals' lives more difficult than his. The prisoners met, over time, the best man behind the beard and came to respect him after they saw that he would do anything to protect her. He always wrote letters to the city sheriff. He did not ask for release, but to improve living conditions in prison.


According to him, they were not habitable by any means. Ultimately, this action pleased the prisoners very much. At one point, his insistence on having the right to bear a beard reached the point where the same judge who had put him in prison begged him to pay a small sum to be released. Palmer only agreed to pay the fine when he received a letter from his mother, who was 80 at the time. In the letter, she asked him to pay the amount to return home.


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