August 10, 2020

Read the Warning of a Serious Epidemic that could wipe out half of the world population

A warning of a” serious epidemic “that could wipe out half of the world’s population American biologist and food activist Michael Grager, warned of a new virus called the “End of the World Virus”, stressing that it might eliminate half of the world if it is not caught quickly.

The British newspaper “The Sun” quoted Greger, warning  that “a virus that may arise from chicken farms may make  Corona counterpart just a dwarf, and it may destroy half the world if it is not caught quickly.” And the American scientist said, in his new book entitled “How to survive a possible pandemic”, that “the human’s close relationship with animals makes him vulnerable to the worst types of epidemics,” noting that “diseases that lie in chickens can almost eliminate the world.”

“The Coruna virus has spread around the world like forest fires and killed more than 364,000 people after it jumped to humans from bats,” Greger said, noting that “what matters to us is when will that happen?”

“As long as there are poultry, there will be epidemics. In the end, the victim may be we or she,” Grager stressed, noting that during the 1997 Hong Kong bird flu outbreak, the government executed 1.3 million chickens to eradicate the virus.  But the virus has not been completely eradicated, as the epidemic broke out again between 2003 and 2009 outside of China.

The American biologist called to change the way of raising chickens to prevent the outbreak again, saying: “The collective farms in which chickens live in such tight spaces that they cannot flap their wings, and that the high level of ammonia among its droppings is a recipe for disease.”

He added: “We need to switch from mass production of chicken to smaller swarms that are bred in less crowded places with access to the outdoors, better hygiene and without the use of human antivirals,” stressing that “abnormal egg production and the practice of breeding must also end.”