August 10, 2020

Reason for reducing sugar from your food- Health Benefits

Reason for reducing sugar from your food- Health Benefits

As much as you wanted, it is impossible to reduce or eradicate sugar from your food. This is because, even in small quantities and in a healthier presentation, this ingredient is present in nature, in fruits and vegetables. 

However, when it comes to any other type of food, sugar is an ingredient that may be working “overtime” on your plate. Today, we consume much more sugar than in the past, and this can be the cause of many health problems. To give you an idea, in the 1930s it was estimated that each inhabitant consumed about 15 kg/year of sugar. Today, the average is close to 50 kg/year.

Why is it worth reducing sugar consumption?

First of all, it is necessary to note that we know that this is a complex process. Since we are children, we are used to receiving sweets, cakes and sweet foods as a “prize” after a meal. Therefore, it is natural that we have grown conditioned to feel the need to consume sugar at some point.

However, sugar is a simple carbohydrate and is quickly incorporated by the body. Excess of this substance can lead to hyperactivity, attention deficit and overload of the pancreas, an organ that produces insulin, the hormone that brings sugar to cells.

In numerical terms, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that sugar consumption should not exceed 20 grams/day in a diet of up to 2 thousand kcal. However, the lower the eating, the higher the benefits can be. In the worst case, the most recommended is not to exceed this mark whenever possible.

The main advantages of reducing sugar consumption

The list of benefits of a sugar-free diet is immense, but let’s stick to just a few of them to show that yes, it is possible to have a healthy life by consuming very little or almost no sugar every day. In general, adopt the following rule: the whiter, the more processed the sugar is, and the more harmful it is.

  • Reducing sugar makes you lose weight: the simple fact of consuming less sugar already means that you will eat fewer calories. The consumption of this food causes the body to have sudden spikes and falls in blood glucose – and whenever a “low” occurs, you will feel hungry.
  • Reducing sugar makes you more willing: when glucose levels rise, the pancreas produces more insulin than usual. However, excess sugar circulating in the body ends up becoming fat, interfering with the balance of the nervous system.
  • Reducing sugar makes the skin younger: those who consume a lot of sugar can make their skin more opaque and wrinkled. This is because excess glucose damages the skin’s elasticity, leaving it looking premature aged.
  • Reducing sugar inhibits the appearance of acne: all foods that raise blood sugar levels can also cause hormonal changes. These fluctuations in hormone levels directly impact the skin, which can result in the appearance of blackheads and pimples.
  • Reducing sugar lowers the risk of diabetes: consuming too much sugar makes the body resistant to insulin. Without it, the cells start to receive sugar uncontrollably, which can cause diabetes.