September 19, 2020

Reason why you snore while sleeping and how to prevent it

Reason why you sleep snore while sleeping and how to prevent it

There are many causes of snoring during sleep which one of them could be because you sleep in the wrong position, but the actual cause of snoring can be caused by various things.

Snoring, or also known as snoring, is a problem that can happen to anyone. This snoring can be a cause of disturbance during sleep, also cause other health problems that are quite severe. In fact, a number of researchers report that snoring can endanger one’s health.

In the study, a number of scientists took tissue in the throat of 21 people who often snore while sleeping, and ten people who slept did not snore. As a result, those who snore have abnormalities in their throat muscles. In addition to being a cause of even more severe health problems, the fact that snoring is also a sign of health problems.

For example, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you may often snore during sleep likewise, when you have heart disease or often feel tired. If you are obese or have excessive body weight, you may also often snore.

In addition to being a sign of health problems in your body, snoring sleep can also be caused by a number of habits that you would not have thought before. As reported by Medical Daily, the following causes of sleep snoring:

Mouth Shape

   The shape of a person’s mouth also affects snoring sleep habits. In some people with certain mouth conditions more easily snore during sleep compared to the usual mouth shape.

For example, people who have lower lip shape, thicker and softer palate tend to snore during sleep. This happens because they have a fairly narrow airway when compared to others, because of this condition, their breathing sounds will be more loudly heard.

Body Fat

Fat people tend to snore more easily. This happens because the greater weight then the muscles are weaker, in addition to the layer in the throat and neck even more. This condition is the cause of sleep snoring in obese people.

Alcohol consumption

If you consume alcohol before going to sleep, it may be easier for you to snore at night. This happens because after drinking alcohol, the respiratory tract muscles will be more relaxed, then you will sleep very soundly so that you are not aware of loud snoring sleep.

Likewise, if you are not used to snoring before, the effect of alcohol you consume can make you sleep soundly even snoring.

Sleep on your back

The cause of sleep snoring on this one is well known, so sleeping on your back can make you sleep with snoring.

But not many people know that when sleeping on your back, your jaw and tongue will move to the back of your throat, this is what can cause sleep snoring.

The fix is ​​you can by changing the sleeping position. One of them is proven when you sleep on your side; it will rarely snore.

Age factor

   The fact is the older a person is, the more often he snores while sleeping. This happens because of a decrease in the nerve layer in the body. Some experts advise older people to do certain sports to reduce snoring sleep. There are also those who say, practising sound by singing, for example, can reduce snoring.


You would not think if sex also affects snoring sleep habits. Did you know that snoring is generally experienced by men?

Research shows men have a narrower respiratory tract than a woman. This is the reason why men often have a habit of snoring compared to women.

In addition, men who drink a lot of alcohol are also prone to snoring; the cause is due to inflammation caused by high alcohol consumption.

That is the cause of sleep snoring that you might not have thought before. There are many techniques to deal with snoring sleep, one of which you can start to find out the cause and then ‘treat it’.