July 7, 2020

Shocking: An 8-year-old boy married over 60 years old Lady

Shocking: An 8-year-old boy married over 60 years old Lady

Social media pioneers discussed a strange incident of its kind, spreading a group of pictures of a child’s wedding party to a woman over 60 years old,  reported by the British newspaper The Sun was that the photos are real!

Boy and old Woman’s wedding: The wedding ceremony between the child and the old woman is usually a custom of one of the tribes in Africa, where the British newspaper The Sun stated that the African man, 8 years old, married Helen Chabangu 61 years old – and she is the mother of 5 children and has a husband, indicating that they exchanged rings  And kissing at the ceremony in the city of Chawani.

The African boy named Sanelle Masella, married a woman over the age of sixty, at a ceremony in the presence of about 100 people, in an attempt to satisfy his grandparents.

The boy’s family spent about $ 3,000 on the wedding, but they made it clear to the newspaper that what happened was merely a religious ritual, and marriage was not binding because no legal papers were signed. In an interview with the boy’s husband, about the details of his marriage: “My mother told me that I want to marry, and I am happy that I married Helen, and when I grow up I will marry a woman of my age.” As for his 46-year-old mother, she said, “Sanli’s grandfather asked him to marry before he died. He chose Helen because he loves her.  The resounding surprise that the child revealed is that he does not know anything about marr

iage, but rather that this lady will replace his mother, nothing more.

The wife said in her statements: “With this step, the grandparents made us happy, and if we did not do this, a bad thing would happen in our family … This is what the grandparents wanted.” The government’s social contact official commented on the reactions circulated on social media, and their rejection of what happened, saying this is our culture and do we object when gay couples marry, for example, in Europe.

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