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Steps to make a Conference call with T-mobile

Technology has made it possible for two persons divided by distance to communicate very easily. The interaction was made easier with the advancement of the world. Nowadays, it is not only possible for two persons to interact from far distances; three or more persons can also interact simultaneously. The conference call is such a good way of holding a call session between more than two persons. So many mobile devices permit the utilization of the conference call. T-mobile brands, including iPhones, Samsung, and others, make use of the conference call feature.  This post is going to be talking about how to make a conference call with the T-mobile.

Below are the steps to make a conference call with T-mobile.


How to make a conference call with T-mobile

  • The first step is to open the app on the phone, call the first person you want on the conference call.
  • Secondly, you will need to add a second person to the call. To do this, choose the option that reads ‘add call.’ Your contact list will open afterwards. When the contact list opens, tap the contact of the person that you want to add on your conference call. Alternatively, you can dial the number that you want to add to the conference call.
  • If the person you added to the conference call answers, choose the merge calls option to create the conference call.
  • You can repeat this process until you have added all the contact you want to add or after you reach the limit.
  • If you receive a call from a contact that wants to join, press the ‘hold and select’ option. Then choose merge calls to add the contact to the conference call

Steps to make a Conference call with T-mobile

The steps above are how to make a conference call with T-mobile. It is also important to know that it is only the person who started the conference call that can see the entire participant.

The person who initiated the call can also talk privately to each individual without the other’s hearing.

The conference calls on Android devices cannot allow more than 3 participants. On the other hand, iPhone users that use HD Voice can have up to six different contacts on a conference call.

To disconnect a participant from a call, you can do it easily by following the steps below;

  • Tap the Manage option on the conference.
  • A list of all the contacts on the conference call will appear. Press the telephone icon next to the contact you want to remove from the call.


Other Ways?

Alternatively, the participant can end the call, and they will be disconnected from the conference call.

You can make a conference call with T-mobile with up to five contacts. The steps can do this we have mentioned in this article.

There are many plans to help reduce the costs or charges when you make a conference call on T-mobile. These charges are available for both monthly plans and ‘pay as you go.’

For more information, you can visit the T-mobile website to see the charges and conference call plans available.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How do I get charged for conference calls?

They are different ways that you can be charged on conference calls. You can be charged for a monthly flat conference call fee which permits unlimited access for that period. Charges can also be made on a per-call basis. The fees might range from two to ten cents for calls charged with ‘pay as you go’ plans. Below is an example of how conference calls are billed per minute.

If you host a conference call with five people joined, you will be billed by the number of minutes multiplied by the rate. For Instance, if your call rate is 2 cents/ per minute, then the cost of the call will be $6.

There are also unlimited use plans that are available for monthly plans and others. Here you will not be charged per minute. To get more information on the unlimited use plan, you should contact your conferencing providers for the best plans.


Are conference calls free on T-mobile?

Conference calls with T-mobiles have unlimited talk plans. However, they are some incurring charges that may come with the new out-of-plan number. It does not apply to all conference calls and is restricted to calls to chat and radio broadcast lines.



The bottom line is a conference call with T-mobile or any other smartphone device is the best way to have multiple interactions. The charge varies, and you have some options to choose from. Getting the best plan that is most efficient for you will help you maximize costs. So, it left to you, what you’re your preference for a conference call?

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