August 13, 2020

Natural remedy for brown and dirty teeth

The best remedy for brown and dirty teeth

so common, Many people have white teeth issues, so they do many things to whiten their teeth, buying all the products available on the market to make their teeth to white

However, after so many attempts, they end up causing a very high injure to their teeth and also causing discomfort with eating hot or cold foods.

Therefore, many people realize that it is better to look for a natural way to make their teeth whitened.

The tragic part is that some people, no matter how much some brush their teeth, have tainted teeth from drinking coffee, tea or smoking.

Many imagine that only “so-called harmful” foods that are bad for your health will darken your teeth, but this is not true, all food with stronger pigmentation makes your teeth darker.

It is possible to use some natural substances and obtain the effect of a normal lightening, achieving a natural colour. Not entirely white, as if he had whitened his teeth artificially, but a shade that was clear and clean enough for an open smile from someone who takes good care of his teeth.






How to use

Make a mixture of half spoon of lemon and little (a quarter spoon of salt), grind a tissue of ginger, to form a paste. You will also need a toothbrush.

-Use tissue paper to dry your teeth before applying a generous layer of this paste. Make movements to brush your teeth normally, leaving the paste for 1 minute. Okay, rinse well until the paste is completely removed.

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