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With evident of computer technology People assumed that they are going to lose their job, Reverse was the case. Today computer is used to serve and connect People in the modern world. Desktops, Laptop and Mobile Devices network the world together and perform multiple operations at once, however, this industry includes more than these machines, industrial communities, government and organizations rely on computer technology to produce or innovate the majority of things in their lives, such as economic earning, food services, entertainment, care, communication, education and transportation. (Tony M. 2008) All these mentioned above are geared toward economic earning.


GLOBNG empowers you to turn your creative passion into a thriving career


Create, manage and share your content with simple steps


We will help you generate revenue from your creative work  


With GLOBNG you will get more opportunities, and access from thousands of users


GLOBNG will paid you every article you write



We are ready to help writers to get paid based on performance of their articles published on Globng Hub


GLOBNG is a family of thousand of users, we get our revenue from our product, Services advert and others sponsored programs.


Globng Hub is an open platform for people to consume, create and share content. Globng Hub helps creators target audience and helps users find the content that matches their interests.

You can create your GLOBNG Hub account with your email address or facebook account

After become creator (sign up) and get approval from the reviewed teams you can post articles, and manage your content performance stats.

Revenue will be generated based on the performance of your published content, and relevant statistics can be seen under 'Earnings'.


GLOBNG Hub is a free, simple way for contents creators, authors and publishers of all sizes to earn money by sharing their easy contents and automatic advert displaying targeted on their contents.

Procedures for Individual Enrollment

  1. Visit
  2. Fill the Registration Form
  3. Create post
  4. Start earning
  5. Monitor the performance of your posts.
  6. Track your earnings
  7. Make withdrawals, It’s all very simple  

After considering the Globng Hub by the Sharhamak Global Limited, one most consider this rules and regulation according to the GLOBNG Hub terms and conditions:


Globng Hub respect copyright, we encourage originality and no reprinting. Only the original author of the articles can get the income generated by their articles. In cases of copyright violations, the original author can defend the reprint by claiming rights.


Whether you’ve been writing contents for days, months or years, monetizing is one of those topics that almost always come up. Should I try to make money from my contents? Can people really make a living online by creating contents? How should I try to make money from my contents? What are the Secrete behind?. 

Earning N4, 000 daily is simple with just publish your article and share it to other social media network to attract viewers.

When we get 1000 it means that you have N800 x 5 = N4000 x 30 = N120000, you can even earn more than 240,000 per month with GLOBNG Hub can be done from a home office.

Many content owners are doing it. The only thing you need is planning, work, determination, and passion about your topic.

What it takes to make N8, 000 a Day with Globng Hub

When you have Click 10, 000 it means that you have N8000 and is possible to make 50,000 Clicks with 1 article and the daily limits are unlimited articles for individual. It’s quite achievable to make N8, 000 a day, and lots of people are doing it. Let's assume that a you have ten articles with 50,000 clicks.

  • To make N8, 000 every day you need 10,000 click per day at each 1,000 click N800. For 10,000 clicks you have to produce 10 or more awesome articles on your Globng Hub account. These articles must attract at least reach 10,000 or more people every day.

These articles can be as little as 150 words or more. Always include a Picture’s on every article you create. Many people writing a shocks news, can simply write their contents on their Globng Hub account and make money simply by writing it. You can also get your followers to contribute by sharing their ideas on comment box and likes. This gets you more readers on your content and engagement bonus. 

  • Apart from Clicks, you will also earn from your engagement bonus. Irrespective of any 100 likes, Comment or Sharing.
  • A content title with high quality articles works well.

Now your total earning per day is N8, 000 from 10 or more. 8,000 x 30 days = 10,000,000/10 = 1000 x 30 = N240, 000 per month Direct from writing 300 contents per month, I’ve taken the lowest possible earnings from all.

When deciding to be in the 'Creating Content Business' your desired earning of 8,000 per day from Globng Hub is achievable. 1,000s of people are making money by writing articles, and you can do it too, when you are Focused!

Note: The above results can be possible if you produce at least 100 to 150 great articles that has at least 2,000 clicks each month. So how much traffic you actually need to make N8,000 per day from Globng Hub– It’s way less than 15,000 reach or more Per Day!


The aforementioned is concluding in the followings:

  • The importance of computer technology in everyday life
  • The Globng Hub guidelines and procedures was discussed
  • The total emolument of the GLOBNG Contents and motivation


  • It is recommended that the contents creator should take GLOBNG Hub as a way of getting additional income since the unemployment is rampant the National issues.
  • Individuals must evolve in Globng Hub for economic growth and honestly abide by its implementation.
  • The content writers should be followed the rules and procedures.
  • Finally, Individuals should pursue the goals of creativities to ensure the credibility of his/her knowledge. 





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