August 10, 2020

The Best Way To Test The Ability of Nigerian Student.

  A high school teacher in Tlaxcala, Mexico, came with a unique and extraordinary way of testing the ability of the student, this happen when pictures of the students appeared online while they were wearing cardboard boxes over their heads to prevent them from cheating.
 Angry parents said the boxes were insulting and violating their children’s human rights, calling for the teacher to be dismissed.
 The parents of the students issued a statement describing the behaviour of the teacher of morals and values, Louis Texas, as an embarrassment, demanding at the same time to provide rights for students, and to exclude what they considered unforgivable violence towards their children.
 The school administration responded that it respects the human and individual rights and said that the teacher’s behaviour with his students was a dynamic exercise to help them improve their psychomotor learning, which includes the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement, as agreed by students before it was conducted.
So i recommend this should be apply in the Nigerian schools.