August 10, 2020

The car you need to see by Chines Company: is now the best car in the world

The Chinese company Hongqi has unveiled a premium car that many have described as a strong contender to the Luxury Rolls Royce.

Russia’s website stated today that, in terms of design, this car is somewhat similar to the new Land Rover SUVs, but it has an attractive front end through which the lighting reflects the electric character of the vehicle. Hongqi also tried to accentuate the luxury elements of the E115 with side air vents and large chrome-plated wheels, and the design of lamps that gave it a look similar to that of the Rolls Royce “Cullinan” SUV headlamps.

Some leaked images of this vehicle show that it may come with a special version with a grille cover front grille decorated with chrome, and the glossy chrome also covers side shock absorbers and exhaust vents in it.

Hongqi E115 is supposed to operate with a pair of electric motors equivalent to a total torque of 510 horses, and to be equipped with advanced batteries sufficient for a distance of 500 km per charge.