The Health Benefit Of Scent Leaves You Should Know

The Health Benefit Of Scent Leaves  You Should Know

Scent leave as many Africans know it, belongs to the family of Lameacea, another name for scent leaf is Ocimum gratissimum or scent leaf as the name implies.

It is called Nchawun in Igbo, daidoya in the northern area and Effirin in Yoruba.

It can be used as spice for stew and soup due to its aroma, some people will not enjoy their stews if scent leave is absent. Scent leave can be found in most gardens and most times it comes as a weed.

Scent leaf is a wonderful leaf in Africa that many have less or no knowledge of the amazing health benefits, do u know u can use scent leaf to cure many diseases. Scent leaf has many health benefits and this is what it can do for you if you just give it a try.


1. It is used to treat fever and malaria

Scent leave have antipyretic effect, antipyretic is a substance that is contained in scent leaf that makes it possible for it to cure fever associated with malaria. The way to take it is to drink it as tea when its warm, this is so that it can work effectively in the body.


2.Scent leaf help  infertility problems

scent leaf will not only improved your health but will help u become a proud concieve, it boost fertility in both male n female reproductive organs , it strength sperm vitality and work well to prevent infertility.


3. Treatment of sore throat

Basil or scent leaf is very effective in curing sore throat. The basic method for medication is to use it in hot water or warm and drink it. In no time the sore throat will disappear.


4. It is very effective for Cough treatment

scent leaf has the capacity to treat cough in a very quick time. The scent leaf has a juice in it when it is squeezed thoroughly, and when the juice is finally out, it is advised to use it with a warm water. Drinking the therapy daily will reduce and cure the cough with time.


5. It is used to treat inflammation and arthritis

Scent leave has anti-inflammatory properties hence it serves a great deal to cure inflammation’s. These herbs help to treat arthritis that is usually associated with inflammations. Scent also contains calcium that can help increase bone density and prevent diseases of the bone such as osteoporosis.


6. It aid  digestion and treat diarrhoea 

Drink brewing scent leaves as tea able to treat digestive problems such as diarrhea, mules, such as in the stomach and others. The content of the presence in the Scent leaves have a calming effect and cools the stomach.


7. It gives proper vision of the eyes 

Scent leave is very rich in vitamin A which is effective in treatment of eye problems , conjunctivitis, eye soothing stress and also for the prevention of night blindness and other eyes problems.


8. It serve has antibacterial, antifungal and can also treat infections very effectively.

The content that scent leave contained  is very effective for killing germs. The gotten extracts from leaves of scent contain anti-fungal properties because the scent of essential oils present in the leaves contains anti-fungal,  antiseptics and also antibacterial properties too.You should take 15 slice of Scent leaves, boiled in two cups boiling water into the remaining one cup. Use boiled water for antiseptic.


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