The most beautiful countries in the world.

Security is a key requirement for anyone to choose to live in this or that place, in addition to other conditions such as the availability of light, water and food, and security is one of the reasons that motivated people to become familiar with each other, forming societies; The basic nucleus in the formation of the state, which became the city's foundation.
Safer countries around the world
Where the American Institute of Economics and Peace classified the countries of the world according to the standards of security and peace, they were the safest countries, and since the top ten countries enjoy close levels according to the security standards, the institute focused on other features that these countries enjoyed, related to nature and the political state of the state, and here is the arrangement of these Countries according to the American Institute for Economics and Peace:
Iceland topped first.
In terms of providing security, a country that did not interfere in any of the conflicts, and the rest of it outside, and is characterized by the presence of heaters and the beautiful nature, and the multi-coloured houses, which makes them carry warmth to humans in the winter.
Denmark came second.
In terms of providing security, as its citizens prefer their economic interests, so they avoid various armed conflicts, and do not participate in them, as Denmark is characterized by the abundance of islands, which allows you to practice fishing, take a cruise, as well as cycling and mountain climbing.
Third place went to Australia.
It contains important cultural and historical origins, in addition to the scenic pollution-free landscape.
New Zealand is fourth.
The country is politically neutral (that is, it does not interfere in various conflicts). It also has low levels of murder and crime, and its government is stable. It was the headquarters of the League of Nations, and the International Committee of the Red Cross was established.
Finland is ranked sixth.
It is from the Nordic countries, and it is completely safe as it has not witnessed any disturbance of any kind for decades.
Canada came Seventh.
Enjoying its picturesque landscapes encouraging tourism.
Japan came to eighth.
The big industrial country raises the curiosity of everyone who has a name in front of it, the country that was destroyed by the Second World War and has become a strong economic and socially safe country through a strong police apparatus and good relations with neighbours.
And in the Argentina ninth.
which is characterized by its multiculturalism, and it is highly organized, which makes it one of the favorite countries for tourism.
The Czechs ranked tenth
Its among the more secure countries, it is furthermore distinguished by its beautiful and wide sea.

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