The story of this diary made of human skin will make you afraid

The story of this diary made of human skin will make you afraid

Today, a book is made up of bound pages sewn to the cover and with a hard cover, right? However, not all books are made this way. Throughout history, there have been some people who have tried to escape this pattern in the most bizarre ways possible, such as this diary made of human skin, which will make you afraid.

Dating from World War II , this photo album is made of human skin taken from victims of Nazi death camps. That said, surprisingly the book was found by chance at an antiques market in Poland.

The owner of the book began to find its texture strange and I look for specialists

After a buyer found the book, he decided to take the old World War II album to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. According to the buyer, the book had "a tattoo , human hair and a bad smell". After that, experts analyzed the cover and binding. With that, these experts discovered something even more surprising. According to the test results, it was possible that the book had the skin, possibly coming from the first person to die in the Nazi concentration camp in Buchenwald, Germany.

In any case, even if the hypothesis is not confirmed, as the experts said, the diary made of human skin is "without a doubt, the proof of a crime against humanity". In any case, everything we know points out that, in fact, the skin contained in the book belonged to someone who lived through the horrors of a concentration camp in Nazi Germany .

Having established himself with the first Nazi concentration camp, Buchenwald was created in 1937. With that, in a short time, the place gained notoriety for everything perverse and horrible that was happening inside. They were executions, experiments , bestial conditions and the wickedness of the German Army guards.

But whose skin is used for the production of the book?

However, above the most wicked of the guards was Ilse Koch, wife of Karl-Otto Koch, commander of the Buchenwald and Majdanek death camps. Thus, using his power, Koch sent prisoners with tattoos to their deaths. After that, she used her skins on various pieces of interior designs. His work included lamps, books, albums and table covers.

In all, it is estimated that more than 100 skins have been collected for Ilse Koch . Knowing this and the history of the commander's wife, the museum's researchers carried out a comparative analysis of the album found and a notebook from Ilse Koch's collection. For Elzbieta Cajzer , head of the collections at the Auschwitz museum, "the research suggests that it is very likely that both covers, due to their technology and composition, came from the same binding workshop".


In the album, more than 100 photos and postcards were found. As a result, these materials consisted mainly of images of German landscapes. According to the museum researcher, the album originally belonged to a family who ran a guest house in a tourist town during the period of World War II. According to her, the album was probably given to the owners as a gift from a guard in the Buchenwald camp .

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