Maybe you’ve been out of a relationship for a while or you’re just going through a breakup, sometimes it is advisable  to have an idea of what you like your next relationship to look like. It can be so hard to start over with someone new, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for and not settle for anything less than you deserve. You are worthy of love and here are some things that you should search for in going into your next relationship. 

1. Someone who appreciates you for who you are. 

In a relationship, it’s important to always be yourself not anyone else and if the other person doesn’t love and appreciate that then they aren’t worth your choice. You shouldn’t have to erase parts of yourself just to make someone else happy. For the fact that everyone has parts of themselves that they want to hide, but a relationship is all about vulnerability and loving every side to a person. You’re going to see all the hidden parts of the person your in a relationship with and if someone doesn’t love all of you even the not so good parts then it’s best to move on and find someone who does. 


2.  Emotionally matured person. 

Emotional maturity means that person is ready and able to go through all situations without having a strong, bad emotional reaction. This is very important in a relationship as there are going to be tough times that each of you goes through alot and if the person can’t handle it right off the bat, then there’s no way that they are actually ready to be in a relationship with you. You need to find someone who is secure in themself and is not afraid to stick by your side no matter what. 


3. Encourageous person and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. 

Relationships are all about bettering and supporting each other as individuals and as a couple. If you find someone who encourages you to do the things you love and supports you in it, go on with them. You want to be with someone who challenges you to keep working hard on your goals! You should both want each other to succeed and grow. 


4. Self independent person. 

I believe that when you’re in a relationship, both people need to have their own separate identities. It shouldn’t mean that you just become one person and don’t exist without the other. You need to be your own person in a relationship. A relationship involves two people and maintaining your own independence will allow you to grow side by side. You need to love yourself first before you love anyone else. 


5. Someone who respects you. 

I can’t stress the importance of this. Respecting each other is very important in a healthy relationship. They should have the respect to listen to what you want and don’t want, especially when it comes to physical affection. If you say that you want to take things to slow physically and they don’t listen, DROP THEM! Respect is an important thing and if your partner doesn’t respect you or vice versa, there are going to be lots of issues in your relationship as you keep moving forward. Respect yourself enough as well to be able to get out of a situation if you know the other person doesn’t respect you enough.

6. Passionate and goal-driven person. 

People that are passionate about the things they do are so much more attractive. Something about hearing someone’s face light up as they talk about their greatest passions in life is just so compelling and interesting. Look for someone who has goals of their own so that way you can both push each other to succeed!

7. Someone you are free to talk to and communicate with. 

Communication is key in any relationship. Obviously, there are going to be times where there are some miscommunications that occur, but for the most part, you both should be on the same wavelength and have good, open communication with each other. It’s so important to also feel comfortable talking to the other person even if it involves difficult topics. 

8. Someone who can make you laugh and smile all the time. 

 Be with someone who constantly makes you happy when you’re around them. Having a sense of humor is important as it keeps the relationship fun,last and exciting. Finding someone who can cheer you up whenever you have a bad day is important and one necessary thing that you need to look for!


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