September 18, 2020

The three (3) Real Ways to Make Money from Home.

There are many sites that pay writers for their article, essay, and storytelling depending on the type of pitches the site is accepting, but here are the 3 real sites that call for submission.

Business Insiders

Is a website that covers business, financial, and technology news. Insider is a website that shares all the events that life has to offer.

The news editor of Business Insider and Insider is accepting freelance pitches for news stories. How rich is Selena Gomez

He is especially seeking scoopy, ambitious stories and “anything that’s ‘hiding in plain sight’, or something you see going on in your community — locally or online — that should be elevated to national attention. Pay is $200 to $800 per story. Pitches should be sent visit their website for guidelines:

Vice Life Desk’s

Is accepting freelance pitches specifically about “relationships, sex, money, work, identity, and health,” and she always wants to read essays of all stripes. They usually pay $0.50 per word. Send your pitches to. Visit their website for details:


They are looking for tutorials related to Photoshop, and they pay anything from $50 to $300 per accepted article depending on whether you submit a “quick tip” or a full tutorial.

They pay: $25 – $300

Payment Method: Paypal

Visit their website for details: