September 24, 2020

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey has achieved the largest discovery of a natural gas reservoir in the Black Sea.

The Turkish president pointed out that the natural gas reserves that were discovered in the Black Sea amount to 320 billion cubic meters.

Erdogan stressed that energy is of great importance in achieving national independence, in addition to being a major component of development
Erdogan expected other discoveries not only in the seas but also on the Turkish mainland.

He said, “We do not have the slightest external dependency in the research and exploration work,” noting that “the inhuman world order that sees a drop of oil as more valuable than human blood flow is still prevalent.”

He added, “We carried out the entire exploration process with national capabilities.” Turkey has always prioritized humanity over the energy wars, which today ended with the country’s blessing of an unexpected turn of events. ”

The Turkish President urged the European Union not to remain a tool in the hands of Greece to harm Ankara’s interests, noting that the Turkish response to the European Union is ready, whether in the field or at the negotiating table.

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