‘Visit hospital, stop consulting google for medical advice’

A  public health physician, Dr Olisaeloka Lotenna, has asked Nigerians to quit counseling google for medical guidance to prevent health complications.


Lotenna, who works at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, offered the guidance in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Awka. 


He said tragically a few Nigerians counsel google as opposed to visiting the clinic to keep away from medical clinic charges and stress. 


"At the point when individuals feel unwell, exploring indications online is one of the simplest and speediest approaches to discover data that may have the option to help clarify the medical condition. 


"Sadly, getting a do-it-without anyone's help analysis through the web is probably going to not be right as a rule, as indicated by another examination. Dr google isn't a specialist. Google doesn't have any acquaintance with you and can't individualize your medical conditions and therapy. 


"The web will give the treatment implied for Mrs A to you since it can't get your conclusion and can wind up harming you. Things like these continue to occur and regularly end in unexpected problems and tears. Along these lines, you need to mull over checking your indications online when next you become ill." 


Lotenna encouraged individuals from the general population to visit medical clinics and counsel specialists for legitimate determination, therapy and wellbeing guidance. 


"If it's not too much trouble visit the medical clinic and counsel a specialist today. No site can supplant a point by point appraisal from a certified clinical supplier. Going to clinic to see a specialist these days may be badly designed, tedious and costly however it is the awesome. 


"Dealing with your wellbeing is significant for your confidence and mental self view. Keep a sound way of life by making the right decision for your body," he prompted.


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