September 21, 2020

What does a baby do a day before it is born?

What does a baby do a day before it is born

What does a baby do a day before it is born: Being a mother is a dream for many women, and pregnancy can be a particular stage for them. Some women manage to become pregnant as soon as they decide they are ready to have a child. However, others succeed only after some time and some attempts. But what they have in common are the transformations, joys and difficulties that happen to their bodies.

Pregnancy symptoms can come before late menstruation, but because they are very subtle, only those women who are very aware of their body can begin to notice them. In its full period, the pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks.

Since doctors cannot say with certainty when the baby was born, the first week of pregnancy is considered the first day of the last menstrual cycle. After that, for more or less nine months, the woman goes through a series of transformations. The embryo begins to develop when the egg is divided into multiple cells. After eight weeks, the embryo can be called a fetus and begins to have a human form that will be in development until the moment it is born.

From the moment they confirm the pregnancy, mothers learn a lot about this period and childbirth. They are taught everything they should do during pregnancy and what to expect when their children arrive in the world. But while mothers are having painful contractions, the urge to go to the bathroom all the time, back pain and various other symptoms when they are close to giving birth, what is going on with the baby? How does he behave during this special moment?

Preparation of the baby

Like mothers, babies also have to prepare before they are born. The first thing is the tummy. It can happen weeks before delivery or even on the day. This is because the baby is positioning itself, with its head turned towards its mother’s pelvis, already preparing to leave. And because it is a narrow place, the baby will want to stretch, which can cause the mother to have heartburn and difficulty walking.

When the baby is already settled in the pelvis, he begins to make head movements. These movements help to dilate the cervix. Something that is essential for the birth canal to open. As much as the baby is not aware of it, he is doing all the work.

One thing that many may not know is that, between one contraction and another, the baby is practising breathing. And he has been practising this breathing since the 32nd week of gestation. The baby also turns a little to try to find the best way out.

And before leaving to meet his parents and everyone outside the mother’s womb, the baby can already hear everything, mainly because his ears are already developed. And he is also able to distinguish voices. Because of this, some babies are able to identify their mother’s voice from the beginning. This is Amazing! You can drop your comment below to express your view on this.