What is the best thing you went over on the web today?

What is the best thing you went over on the web today? 



Story of Bank Robbery 

During a burglary in America, the burglar yelled to everybody in the bank: "Don't move. The cash has a place with the State. Your life has a place with you." 


Everybody in the bank set down discreetly. This is classified "Brain Changing Concept" Changing the ordinary perspective. 


At the point when a woman lay on the table provocatively, the burglar yelled at her: "If it's not too much trouble be acculturated! This is a burglary and not an assault!" 


This is designated "Being Professional" Focus just on what you are prepared to do! 


At the point when the burglars got back, the more youthful looter (MBA-prepared) told the more established looter (who has just finished Year 6 in elementary school): "Elder sibling, we should check the amount we got." 


The more established burglar disproved and stated: "You are dumb. There is such a lot of cash it will require some investment to check. This evening, the TV news will reveal to us the amount we burglarized from the bank!" 


This is classified as "Insight." Nowadays, the experience is a higher priority than paper capabilities! 


After the burglars had left, the bank chief advised the bank boss to call the police rapidly. Yet, the boss said to him: "Pause! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have recently stolen from the bank". 


This is designated "Swim with the tide." Converting a troublesome circumstance for your potential benefit! 


The director says: "It will be acceptable if there is a theft consistently." 


This is designated "Murdering Boredom." Personal Happiness is a higher priority than your work. 


The following day, the TV news revealed that $100 million was taken from the bank. The looters tallied and checked and checked, yet they could just tally $20 million. The burglars were irate and griped: "We took a chance with our lives and just took $20 million. The bank administrator took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It would seem that it is smarter to be taught than to be a criminal!" 


This is classified as "Information is worth as much as gold!" 


The bank director was grinning and glad since his misfortunes in the Stock-market are presently covered by this theft. 


This is designated "Taking advantage of the chance." Daring to face challenges! 


So who are the genuine looters here? 


Source: FB 


Edit1: Some individuals are remarking that story is phony and old. This story isn't genuine. It was shared only for information purposes and I thought that it was fascinating.


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