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What is the highest paying job in Canada 2021?  Top 10 Highest paid Professions 2021 – Canada

C’mon, aside checking on the jobs available in Canada in 2021, people also ask what is the highest paying job in Canada 2021? So, today we edited this content to help our visitors know more about the earnings he will receive while he secures a job.

However, this content has a lot of advantage because it makes you plan well. That is to say, you will get to know the range of your payment on time. Thus, with this you can run down your monthly plan down to the year end.

Remember, the best form of life is a planned life. Most importantly, if you are going to be migrating to Canada to take a job. Thus, Canada is a place with high life value.

So, before we move into listing the highest paid jobs, we have something you should do. Please, help share this content as it would come to the right ears who also need it. Of course, this could be the best thing that your friend about leaving for Canada would need.

What is the highest paying job in Canada 2021?

Are you among those who ask this question of what is the highest paying job in Canada 2021, check out below?

To make it simple, we made a list of the top ten highest paid professions in Canada. Check it out below!

Top 10 highest paid professions in Canada

    The first on our list is Surgeon. 

Canada has one of the best healthcare services across the world. But, the number of doctors per capita of the population is low when compared with other countries. For example, Norway and Austria is higher.

Also, Canada is 24th out of 30 nations with 2.8 doctors per 1000 residents. That states they still need more hands. In other words, the employment opportunity is high.  So, if you are sensible enough you won’t joke with this opportunity.

To qualify for the position of surgeon, you need a medical degree backed-up with subsequent 5-year residency program. With this, you would be paid an average salary of 340,000 CAD per year.

  1. Dentist

Here is another job in Canada that is with high value. Also, the demand for this is also high.

However, you will love to know that about 12,200 new jobs will be available for dentist till 2028. So, cutting it down to yearly, you will have 7,000 new job opportunity. Meanwhile, this was started according to jobs Bank of Canada.

You see! a huge number of opportunities for international job seeker. So, the salary for an average dentist is 293,000 CAD in a year.

  1. Petroleum engineer

All that concerns this field of study is discovery, production and exploitation of oil and gas deposits. What is needed for this job in Canada is a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or in a related area of engineering.

As an average degree holder, you will be paid 208, 000 CAD yearly.

  1. Psychiatrist

The roll of a psychiatrist to treat mental illness. But to practice this profession, students are expected to pass an examination from the Royal college of physicians and surgeons.

However, the average salary for a psychiatrist ranges between 250-290,000 CAD per year.

  1. IT manager

Dutifully, an IT manager is wired to design strategies for information technology, research solutions and staff management.

Though the pay is smaller than dentist and physicians, but you can become an IT manager easily in Canada.

So, an average IT manager is with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or related field.  The earnings in about 200-203, 000 CAD in a year.

  1. Marketing Manager

The roll of a marketing manager is to sustain and improve the brand image of products or services. Again, their duty is to promote brand visibility and awareness, and they draft out tactics for it.

For this job, an MBA from Canadian university is mostly needed.

A marketing manager salary is between 190-195,000 CAD yearly.

  1. Pilot

Pilot- for commercial flights, security services or government owned aviation services. In Canada, a pilot has a responsibility of ensuring secure air travel.

They are paid on average, 195,000 CAD yearly.

  1. Lawyers

For legal counsel to clients, lawyers are in charge of this area. Year to year, over 106,000 people are hired on this occupation.

The qualification required for this profession is an LLB or LLM degree. The average salary ranges between 190-192,000 CAD per year.

  1. Sales Manager

Sales manager is of high demand in Canada as many stores and other retail business, wholesale businesses are ready to hire.

Sales managers are employed to produce result in area of tactics for improving a company or organizations revenue.

To be a sales manager in Canada, you will have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration to become a sales manager.

The average salary of sales managers ranges between 180,000 t0 187 CAD per year.

  1. Business Operations Manager

A Business operations manager is designed to manage business operation, budget, contracts, etc. Thus, they oversea different activities in the company and report directly to the CEO.

To get this job in Canada, you will have a degree in business management and some years of work experience.

In Canada, average salary for business operations manager is between 160,000 to 170,000 CAD per year.

Hey! Am sure all the information you needed is right on this page. Ensure you read the content lines upon line; you may find out something new you never knew.

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