August 13, 2020

What is the right sleeping position for good health?

What is the right sleeping position for good health

Sleeping on your right side turns out to be very good for your health. This is certainly good news for you who like to sleep in a sideways position. According to a study, sleeping sideways is possible for the brain to get rid of waste, so that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. In fact, not only can optimize brain function, but sleep on the side is also good to help those who tend to sleep snoring, neck and back pain, and for pregnant women.

Usually, a person’s sleep position does not change and become its characteristics. The most relaxing sleep is also different for each person, whether sleep is facing right or left. Of the two positions, which sleeping position is the best for health? In general, doctors will advise people to sleep on their side so that the force of gravity can be maintained to maintain the contents of the stomach. Nevertheless, many regards sleeping on their right side is better than sleeping on their left.

That’s because sleeping facing the right can protect the heart from the oppressed or depressed other organs. Notwithstanding, this is not always the problem because sleep facing left can also provide health benefits, particularly people who have stomach acid disorders. Some facts show that it turns out sleeping facing left is very important for people who have stomach acid disorders, such as the burning sensation in the stomach because the wrong sleeping position can make stomach acid into the oesophagus and trigger insomnia.

Conversely, several studies have also found that sleeping on your right will aggravate the condition, whereas if facing left can help calm. For sufferers of stomach acid disorders, sleeping sideways to the right makes the oesophagal sphincter, the channel between the stomach and oesophagus weakened which makes stomach acid rise to the throat so that the stomach feels sore. For people with stomach acid disorders, sleeping on their right side will make the connection between the stomach and oesophagus not open, despite high stomach acid levels. Whereas, in other studies mentioned that sleeping in a sideways position to the right for gastric sufferers will increase stomach acid so that the oesophagus takes longer to eliminate it.

The following are several benefits of sleeping on your right side that you should know and apply;

Assist the breathing system more smoothly.

Without us knowing when sleeping the tongue can fall back almost to the throat so that the breathing process becomes slightly inhibited. This condition often occurs for those who usually sleep on their backs.

People who snore will experience a lack of oxygen and can cause breathing to suddenly stopped for a few moments. This makes the person wake up suddenly and feel dizzy. However, if you sleep on your side to the right, difficulty in breathing can be prevented.

Resting the Left Brain

The human brain is primarily segmented into two parts, namely the right brain and the left brain. The right brain is in charge of supplying the remaining organs, and vice versa. In daily activities, we often use the right side of the body organ.

So, if you rest on your right side, it is the left brain’s turn that supplies the right side of the body, and this can avoid the dangers that arise, such as deposition of blood clots, residual oxidation acids, fats, and constriction of blood vessels.

Relieve heart work

When we sleep with the position facing right, then the distribution process of blood circulation will be more evenly distributed, and the concentration of blood flow will go to the lower right. This automatically triggers the burden of blood flow in and out of the heart becomes lower.

Tilted to the right during sleep will also slow down the heart rate, which automatically lowers blood pressure, and helps prevent other organs from falling on the heart as is known that the location of our heart is on the left.

Make the stomach healthy.

The human stomach is like a comma-shaped tube and has a valve end toward the intestine that leads down the right side. If you sleep to the left, your stomach will be disturbed due to emptying the stomach will be hampered and become slower.

When the obstacle appears, the stomach acid will rise so that the erosion of the stomach wall occurs.

Lung health

The benefits of right-facing sleep are also important for the lungs. Keep in mind that the size of the right lung is larger than the left lung. When sleeping with the body position tilted to the right, then the position of the heart will go to the right. This is not a problem because the right lung is bigger.

However, if you sleep in a left-facing position, then automatically, your small left lung will be pressed by the heart, so that the condition is not suitable for our lungs.

Prevent gallbladder stones

Sleeping with the poisis facing to the right will cause a smooth flow of chiem so that the bile increases. This can prevent gallbladder stones.

Increase Nutrition Absorption Time

When sleeping, there will be increased bowel movements. Sleeping position sideways to the right will make the journey of undigested food longer so that the absorption of food juices becomes more optimal.

Stimulates bowel movements

With sleeping position facing right will make the process of filling the large intestine full faster, so that it can stimulate bowel movement and relaxation of the anal muscles. This will stimulate to defecate.

Reducing Back Tension

Sleep facing right is also believed to support comfort while sleeping because the tension that occurs in the back will be reduced. Try bending your knees while sleeping sideways in a position similar to a fetus in the womb.

Removing pancreatic sap

When the flow of chime can be smooth, the increase in discharge of bile will also increase, so that the formation of gallbladder stones can be prevented by sleeping on your right side. In addition, pancreatic sap also increases when our sleeping position is changed to the right.

Give a Relaxing Effect

The right sleeping position facing right accompanied by the use of the right pillow for the head, so when we go to sleep will feel more relaxed. This relaxation can be experienced because our joints get good support from the right sleeping position and pillow so that the pain we feel will be reduced.

Sleep better

Sleeping on your right side can also reduce all sleep problems, such as snoring. Sleeping position is tilted to the right like the baby’s position, where the legs are bent, and the body is bent, then the quality of sleep will be better and feel better.

Improve Body Fitness

The benefits of sleeping sideways to the right are also important for body fitness because vital organs in our body can rest when we sleep with the position facing right.

This will automatically make our body fresher and fitter when you wake up the next day. Because, when the body’s organs are in good health, indirectly from the outside, we look fit and excited.

Experimenting with the right-facing sleeping position will bring immeasurable health benefits. So, there is no harm starting from now have the habit of sleeping on your right to prevent various diseases while maintaining health and fitness.