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When is the Best Time to Immigrate to Canada?

This big-time question is here, when is the best time to immigrate to Canada? If you are in this category of persons asking this question then you are at the right place.

The best time to immigrate to Canada is this time you have thought of it. What do I mean? Take for instance, if Canada still welcomed people in the midst of global pandemic, why not now. Of course, your mind just answered it now. So, if you are planning on moving down to Canada with your family you can still do that.

However, in the midst of knowing when to travel to Canada there are still other things you need to know. Let’s check out other reasons why now is the best time to immigrate to Canada.

Reasons why now is the best time to Immigrate to Canada

Hey! The number one reason why you need to migrate to Canada now is because of the goal of Canada. Thus, which is reaching 401,000 new immigrants in 2021.

Am not just saying, it is happening already. Like in June, they invited 35,700 new permanent residents and 39,500 in July. If you sum it up, it is about a total of 184, 000. This is still far from their number goal for 2021. This is the best time to immigrate to Canada.

Other reasons to Immigrate to Canada now

  • Great healthcare: when you are a permanent resident, applying for public health insurance is easy. Guess What? Some other couple of services becomes free for your and your family.

However, you may also want to know that Canada’s universal healthcare system is free because you pay for it via taxes. On that note, you will have a healthcare card under your provinces.

  • Standard Education system: Talking about the most educated country it is Canada and this is because of its standard educational system. They also provide the world-class education ranging from Kindergarten to higher schools and colleges.

Now, as a permanent resident you will be given free education. Also, they permit international students to school in Canada now once you meet the following requirements:

  1. Having a valid study permit, which shows that you can now study in Canada.
  2. Attending an approved learning institution with a COVID-19 readiness plan signed by its province.
  • Security tight: Canada is one of the safest places to live. However, this brought about low crime rate in the country compared to others.
  • High quality of Life: the above reasons are all high-quality life already. Now, it is coupled with high minimum wage of $15 per hour.

How to immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident

So, now you know the best time to move on you would also want to know how to immigrate safely. Meanwhile, that is not a problem at all because we got your back.

The Express Entry means remains the best way to move to Canada as a permanent resident. This is because it is entitled to issue 108,500 invitation to apply in 2021. Guess what, this invitation will be happening under three federal immigration programs. Thus, they are as follows:

  • The federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program and,
  • The Canadian Experience Class.

The Express Entry is one of the largest platforms on which you can gain immigration permit faster. Now, here is what you need to create an online profile for immigration.

  1. A passport or Travel document
  2. Credential assessment report (Degree (S))
  3. Language test results
  4. Certificate of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian province (optional)
  5. Provincial Nomination (optional)

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