August 13, 2020

White House – Why was it Called by that name?

The names of the palaces in which the heads of the world live differ. In France It is called the “Elysee Palace”, in Russia it is the “Kremlin” in Nigeria it is the “Aso rock” and for the United States, it is known as the “White House”, and many people may wonder about the secret of his name.

Irish architect James Hoban designed the “White House” after winning a competition as the best design and began construction in 1792, the first president to reside in it is the American President “John Adams” and his wife, and at that time it  was called “the President’s House.

When the war began in 1812, the British army was still facing a crisis due to the American Revolution, and Britain had the idea of ​​burning everything in “Capital City”, which caused the British to storm the city and burn everything in it.

Among the buildings that were set on fire was the “President’s House.” Fortunately, this building was not completely burned, but its exterior face became black due to smokes and fire damage, and the “President’s House” was later painted with white paint, and since then the public and some officials have called it  “White House”