August 13, 2020

Why Don’t we Hear the Sound of the Giraffe?

Why Don’t we Hear the Sound of the Giraffe?

What is the name of the giraffe’s sound?  A question that a lot looked for an answer to.

We know the voices of many animals, such as a roar of a lion, a wolf’s howl, a cat’s meow, and others. As for the giraffe’s voice, it has been a mystery for a long time.  This is because the giraffe does not have vocal cords.  But today scientists who study animal sounds at the University of Vienna were able to discover the opposite and that the giraffe has a sound, as this research confirms that giraffes spend their evenings in tinnitus.

Researchers explain that we do not hear the giraffe’s sound due to the low frequency of its sounds, and this may be due to the length of its larynx.  A person can hear sounds with frequencies ranging between 20 and 20,000 hertz, while the giraffe’s buzz is only fired at night with a frequency of 92 hertz.

This hesitation can be heard by humans, but it is at the end of the audible field in humans. When the researchers presented the sound of the giraffe recorded on zoos, they said that they had not heard it before.

Hearing this voice, I felt that it contained a kind of mystery, similar to the mystery of the voice of the whale, Glory to God who created everything.

Giraffes have an ideal opinion, so the primary means of communication between them during the day is visual signs, and it seems that they do not want to make sounds in the daylight hours in order not to attract the attention of predators, but at night when there is no vision, tinnitus or sizzling in a low voice is the best way to communicate and

To ensure that the herd is joined together.

Glory be to God who created this wonderful animal.