September 19, 2020

Why Facebook removed President Trump’s post?.

More than 30 Democratic lawmakers in the US House of Representatives and more than 60 other international lawmakers signed a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Shirley Sandberg demanding that the social media site do more to prevent hate speech and threatening posts targeting women.

House Republicans spent most of the hearing in which the CEOs of the four major tech companies appeared on July 29 accusing Facebook and other social media platforms of biased conservative opinion, and the Buzzfeed investigation published on Thursday cited evidence that Facebook always checks the validity of the main posts only.
During a comprehensive meeting that followed the release of the report, Zuckerberg called out the employees who leaked the information, saying, “We have to take a very strong action against people who have violated this trust.”

Regarding the elections, Facebook has suspended hundreds of accounts promoting conspiracy theories and fake news calling for Trump’s re-election.

Despite the many criticism the company is facing, Facebook’s stock closed at $ 265.28, like the rest of the major tech companies that scored higher the day after the congressional hearing on July 29.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on the Buzzfeed investigation saying, “I remember asking Zuckerberg why he allowed a racism to be an official fact checker on Facebook, and he didn’t give me a direct answer.

Shortly after BuzzFeed published its report, Facebook announced that it would temporarily ban advertisements from one of Trump’s election committees, the President’s Defense Committee: “After postings that Trump’s election committees publish more than once have been proven false, we will not allow them to continue advertising for a while.”

On Wednesday, Facebook removed a false post from President Trump claiming that children are “nearly immune” from the Coronavirus, the first time the company has done so after harsh criticism over its handling of the president’s posts.

Conservatives have criticized the company, accusing it of focusing on certain publications, such as those of the drug hydroxychloroquine, which many studies have shown does not help relieve the symptoms of Covid-19.