September 24, 2020

Why Is Her Stomach So Big? Here Are 6 Reasons That Best Explains This.

Nowadays, pictures of a woman who gave birth to triplets after years of childlessness has been publishing online. The media has been filled lots of congratulatory messages towards her.

Probably, there is one thing that amaze a lot of people was why her baby bump was very long and huge. A lot of people were questioning by how big her stomach was.

So  it best to explain why her stomach was the way it was.

Below are 6 reasons that could best explain why her stomach was very big.

1) Height of the mother

You can see how tall she is here.

This is an important factor when looking at the size of a pregnant woman’s stomach. When a lady is tall the chances are that her Belly will be very big, so the baby or rather in this woman’s case, babies can have enough space to grow enough.

In this case, the uterus pushes out upwards instead of outwards. Unlike a when a short woman is pregnant, the uterus pushes outwards due to the small space between the hip and lowest rib.

2) Position of the baby

This is another point of concern As the baby grows in the belly, they keep moving about and changing positions. This mostly occurs during the last trimester, where they prefer a head down position.

And there are also possibilities that they might keep turning their backs from one side to the other, this makes the stomach keep growing outwards.

3) Amniotic Fluid

Study shows that “when an amniotic fluid is in excess it affects the baby bump. Studies have shown that the normal limit of amniotic fluid is 1 litre and if it goes beyond this baby bump tends to be bigger.

However, when it gets too much, a medical attention is needed urgently”.

4) Mother’s posture

Another probe indicate that “If the posture of the mother while she is pregnant is always droppy like while standing or sitting, the chances are that your muscles get relaxed and this increases the chances of a bigger pregnant bump”.

5) The size of the baby: The size of the baby can also affect your baby bump size during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is also another medical condition that can cause an increase in the size of one’s baby in the womb.

6) Multiple pregnancies

Conceiving  more than one baby in the womb can make a woman’s stomach bigger during pregnancy. This is as a result of stretched muscles in the abdomen that makes the baby bump look bigger.

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