August 13, 2020

Why Muammar a 103-year-old with 80 Grandchildren Married a Young Lady

Why Muammar a 103-year-old with 80 Grand-Children Married a Young Lady

The story of the Marriage of a 103-year-old Jordanian Muammar with 80 grandchildren. The social networking sites shared a video of the wedding of the Jordanian Perennial Aref Atia Al-Jedaia, who is at the age of 103, which caused great controversy as the old man married a woman who was 50 years younger. Some considered that the story of Mr Aref is an inspiring one, as he is still loving and sticking to life despite the age and who deals with him as a figure that did not prevent him from marrying and living a happy life. Mr Aref’s wife had passed away several months ago, and he has 11 boys and girls. He also has 80 grandchildren, most of whom were keen to attend the wedding, and they never opposed the idea. After the death of Mr Ibrahim’s first wife, Mr Aref, he asked his children to move in to live with them, but he refused this and confirmed his desire to live alone until he decided to marry again and start his life from his 49-year-old wife in a nice and distinguished story.

Mr Aref lives his life normally, as he persists in his work in the field of trade after he retired from working in Public Security in 1965, and he is in good health, as he can move alone using his car, as he persists in performing the five daily prayers in the mosque. Mr Aref also explained that his sons prepared the house for him and chose the appropriate furniture to celebrate his wife, while others prepared the engagement ceremony, such as the wedding ceremony so that things could be done quickly and calmly in the middle of happiness and joy for everyone. It is worth noting that Mr Aref lives in the northern city of Sama and everyone who deals with him feels the spirit of youth he enjoys.

He has offered marriage to two women before, but he ultimately refused to associate with either of them because of the age difference until he made the decision to marry a woman on The outskirts of the fifth decade. Wonders do not end as long as the rest in old!