WITHERED HEART...a relentless love that faltered

WITHERED HEART..a relentless love that faltered šŸ’” by diaryofopenminds Mamah.a


Is a chilly sunday morning in London and every other person is awake except Firdous Amin,she's sleeping comfortably on her cozy bed having a beautiful dream when,all of a sudden water was splashed on her face,she was very sure her dream is no where close to any river,then it clicked to her she wasn't dreaming any more.

As she opened her eyes she saw Ahmad smiling at her with a jug of water in his hand

"AHMAD!!! what is this all about?"She screamed as she threw a pillow at his faceĀ 

"you can call my name or tap my feet to wake me up"

"That Will be boring my beautiful Firdous"

"What???"she took another pillow and threw it his way but he was lucky enough to dodge it

"oh my dearest baby,i know you feel sooo blessed to have your strikingly handsome brother wake you up and am quite sure you are so happy to see my blessed face this early so stop pretending to be angry,now get your lazy ass down for breakfast everyone is waiting for you"ahmad said.

"that is no reason for you to wake me up like this,and it's a sunday 'Senin problemin ne'(whats your problem?) you are soo going to have it from me and get over yourself already "Firdous said

"Yh yh whatever"

"You know i hate you right?"

"Nooo you don't,now will you get your sleepy head down for breakfast?"ahmad said

"Get out of my room ahmad!!!she shouted,Ā 

he just looked at her face and gave her a toothy grinĀ 

"You can be more polite you know,am seven years older than you"Ā 

"and I've heard that for like forever you know"she said as she got up from her bed and went to the washroom to freshen up.

It took her 20 minutes to get down,she wore a brown straight skirt pairing it with long sleeve peach top,making her hair in a pony tail.

"And here comes her highness"ahmad said looking at her as she treaded down the last step

"Assalamu alaikum everyone"Firdous greeted smiling at everyone.

"lets have breakfast" she said opening the food bowls,she was shocked to find them all empty,she looked at everyone as they all bursted into series of laughter,

"this is not fair you know,and you ahmad"she said pointing a finger at him "said everyone else is waiting for me to have breakfast"

"yes ofcourse,we were all waiting for you to come make it"

Firdous looked at her mom with pleading eyes, Minal looked at her daughter and smiled,"we all missed your cooking sweetheart especially my husband here"minal said looking at her smiling husband,he held her hand and kissed it.

Although they are parents of three Minal and Amin feel young at heart,they shower each other with pure love,their children always admire the love they have for eachother.

"OH MY ALLAH,MOM YOU ARE BLUSHING!!!!!,ahmad look at her face,just see her face"Firdous exclaimedĀ 

"Ma shaa Allah dad,you are doing a great job here,i need tips you know, i wonder How you always manage to make our dearest Anne blush at this age"ahmad said grinning at his dad

"Well...you will get tips,but that will only happen if my princess here cooks us something to eat for breakfast"Amin said looking at Firdous

"Daaaaddddd!!" She pouted


"FINE,i'm going"as she dragged her leg to the kitchen.Their kitchen is wide and simple yet elegant with white and ash as the major colors.

Firdous is a good cook though she doesn't always love being in the kitchen,she made breakfast and served it to her family

"I will have breakfast in your house everyday" Ahmad said with his mouth full

"that's bad manners,you shouldn't talk while you are eating and which responsible brother does that in the first place"mamah said as she rolled her eyes

"Me of course,who else,i am unique"he said winkingĀ 


"This children minal said as smiled and left the table with her husband.

"selam kardeşim(heyy brother)Muhammad wants to come home and i don't know how to tell anne,it's soo embarrassing,and that guy keeps on insisting i don't know what to tell him, i am out of excuses"she said playing with her food

"Why don't you want him to come?" He asked paying attentionĀ 

"I'm not sure am ready to get married"

"But who says you are getting married,he just wants to come and say hello and make his presence known,and besides Anne must have probably heard about him,he is always together with Hammad"

"He wouldn't just come and say hello to them and leave, i don't think they know each other and that guy will unfailingly tell them he likes me and you know how overly excited Anne can get" Firdous said as she kept her head on the table

"where is the problem here?, look FirdousĀ  both of us know Muhammad is a great guy and he has waited enough for you,why do you give it a blind eye,just let him come"

"Ohk,I'll think about it"

"That's more like my gĆ¼zel kızkardeş(beautiful sister) ahmad said smiling at her as he patted her cheeks

"now go to your room and rest,i will be heading out I'll buy you your favourite ice cream when am coming back in shaa Allah"

FirdousĀ  smiled widely like a small child"seni seviyorum"(i love you)

"No one can resist loving a handsome gentleman like me" he said raising a fake collar

"I wonder how miryam tolerates you" Firdous said as she rolled her eyes

"I'll tell you that when i come back"ahmad said as he walked out of the house

Firdous smiled as she cleared the table and went back to her room muttering thousands of Alhamdulillahs.She feels lucky to have such a wonderful family who love and care for each other so much.

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