September 18, 2020

Woman-Here’s a Simple Way to Look Sexy

Woman-Here is a Simple Way to Look Sexy

If you women do not have the confidence to face your ideal man for not being attractive enough, here are tips on how simple but telling, so that you women can look sexier.

Eye look

Most women often don’t realize that the eye is one of the most effective “gimmicks”. The proof, most of the communication of two other types of people is without words, but what is seen in the eye.

So, do not bother to prepare the topic of conversation, enough with eye contact with your dream man, surely he will be tempted.

 Wear red

Research conducted by Rochester University, as reported by Menshealth, women are more attractive when they wear red shirts. Why? The colour red is a universal attraction for sexual arousal.

The researchers showed the red colour associated with garish and eroticism. Like red lipstick, red wine and others.

 Cologne / Fragrance Oil

Cologne or perfume is still the centre of attention of men. According to the survey, women will be the centre of attention of Adam because men will be tempted by the fragrance of cologne that women wear.

However, use cologne or perfume to be reasonable not to overdo it. Just spray on the wrist and behind the ears. In addition, enough is done once a day.


Women who smile spontaneously and sincerely is one of the attractions for men. Because there is nothing sexier than a woman’s smile as it is.

According to the EliteSingles survey, 60 per cent of men will approach women who smile when they are interacting. The reason is, when you smile, your lips and mouth will stretch, and your facial muscles will relax. This is what makes saliva production increase and will cause the lover’s voice to sound sexier

Want proof, just try to give a smile to men when talking, men will certainly be comfortable and respond with a smile again.