August 10, 2020

You Need To Know A Country That Issued More than 28,000 Passport for Falcons.

In United Arab Emirate Falcons are normally used for hunting, but nowadays  are considered to be pets used for sport.
 Cultural expert Nassif Kayed told us: “That the United Arab Emirates issued more than 28,000 passports for falcons between 2002 and 2013, and that a single falcon can cost between (2000) dirhams and (70,000) dirhams (544-19,058 dollars) it depends  On the falcon and its type of training, some of them are trained to hunt in long distances and some are trained for speed. “
 In the United Arab Emirates, falcons must possess passports from the Ministry of Environment and Water to combat the smuggling of these birds.  The Falcons passport is valid for three years, at the same cost of $ 130.
 Kayed says that the Falcons can be trained within 6 weeks, because U. A. E. men can communicate with the Falcons brilliantly: “For us, the Falcons symbolize courage, perseverance, determination and freedom.”
 Qatar Airways, Etihad and Royal Jordanian Airlines allow falcons to climb alongside passengers.
 In 2014, Tom White hill boarded Qatar Airways traveling from Dubai to Doha to experience the feeling of traveling alongside the Falcons for the first time. “It was a strange feeling, the flight crew did not warn us of the Falcons boarding this flight. I heard many stories about falcon travel through  The Arabian Gulf is on the side of travelers, but I didn’t see it myself. It was a strange surprise. ”  Tom Whitehill said that the Falcons did not make any noise or fuss during the flight other than the landing time.
 “The Falcon wore a hood on their head so they felt comfortable and reassured until it was time to land, as they started flapping their wings.”
 Cultural expert Kayed disclosed that the Falcons are normally covered to feel calm, because when they see something from far away, wants to go and get it.
Each Falcons obtain their own passport to be able to travel from the Emirates.
 Although the Falcon owner in the above image purchased a special ticket for each falcon, some airlines allow the falcon to sit next to its owner on the same seat.