August 13, 2020

You Need to Know: The Story Of The Largest Family In The World.

Over the years we read a lot of news about the largest families around the world, which indicates a large number of their family members.
 This time, a strange story goes to an Indian man, who has become a subject of concern to everyone not only in India, but also around the world, and everyone has become a talk after his family became the largest family in the world.
 The Ziona family, who is an Indian citizen, consists of 180 people, in a huge four-story mansion with 100 rooms.
   the leader of a religious community formed in 1942, has 39 wives, 14 apartment and 33 grandchildren.
  The Indian man stated, according to the Indian press, “I consider myself lucky to be the husband of 39 women and the owner of the largest family in the world. I got married for the first time when I was seventeen years old, and I do not intend to stop marrying more women. I think I will travel to the United States to find more  From wives. “
  The largest family in the world
 According to the sources, “the big family consumes 30 chickens, 60 kilograms of potatoes, and 100 kilograms of rice for dinner only.
 For self-sufficiency, family members grow most of the vegetables and fruits in their backyard garden, and the plantations include spinach, cabbage, mustard, and broccoli.  Ziona usually receives donations from his followers to help fund families
  Ziona married ten of his thirty-six wives in just one year, as his denomination allows men to marry as women like them”.
  As the Indian media says, Ziona married poor women in the neighboring village so that he could take care of them.
 It is noteworthy that the “New Generation” palace, inhabited by the Ziona family, which is located in the Indian state of Mizoram, has become a magnet for many tourists in the world, according to the British Daily Star newspaper.
The story of the owner of the largest family in the world: He got married 39 times and looked for a new bride